Sunday, October 11, 2009

Danny Gans run "amazing experience"

"The spirit of the day-- that of kind and caring generosity--
was graphic witness to who Danny Gans was in life,
and now even in death."

More than two thousand people showed up and the first copies of Danny Gans' autobiography were unveiled at one of year's most poignant and emotional charity events.

The Danny Gans Memorial Champions Run for Life was hosted by Gans' friend Donny Osmond at the District community and shopping center in Henderson, Nevada Saturday-- benefiting a cancer charity close to Gans' heart, less than six months after the 52-year-old musical impressionist's sudden death at home just three miles away.

RG Ryan, co-author of Gans' autobiography, The Voices In My Head, was there, and says he was surprised when the book's publisher arrived with the first two hundred copies of the book.

We emailed to ask him about the event. He sent us this reply:

"The Danny Gans Champions Run for Life (benefiting children's cancer research) was an amazing experience. 2000 people participated in either a one-mile fun run or a 5K competitive run (which was won by a 13 year-old girl, by the way).

"But the highlight of the morning was the actual 'Champions Run.' The 'champions' were all children battling cancer in all of its various, hideous forms. Each child got to choose someone to "run" with them, from Center Court at The District down to the Elephant Bar and back. Quite emotional. Donny Osmond ran with the first little girl, dancing the last few yards (maybe getting in some extra practice for DWTS). The Pirates and Sirens from TI, as well as members of the UNLV Volleyball team along many others participated in honor of these amazing children.

"The spirit of the day-- that of kind and caring generosity-- was graphic witness to who Danny Gans was in life, and now even in death. I'm not sure people ever really got it that Danny was one of the most generous souls ever to walk the planet. From public events like this, to several dozen charities and religious non-profits, even to buying a wheelchair for a random homeless cripple he would see every day on his way in to work, he lived what he believed.

"We didn't even know if there would be copies of the book available by the race, but the printer managed to get a couple of hundred to us, so we sat up a table and didn't make a big deal out of it because the day wasn't about selling books, but about the children..."

UPDATE: The Voices In My Head is now available at Amazon.com.

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