Thursday, October 01, 2009

Brett Hudson talks cancer on Internet radio

Brett Hudson, one of our pals at Frozen Pictures, is on the radio with quite an amazing story. Brett's entertained us as one of the Hudson Brothers, and behind the scenes with this television and film work, and over the past two years, inspired and illuminated us since he went public with his successful fight against two formidable foes: throat cancer and the American medical establishment. While he's kept us updated with his blog on the website for his documentary project, The Klinik, you can catch up as he talks about his experience and philosophy with Louis Velazquez online at the UCW Magazine Radio Show.

Click hear to listen to the entire ninety-minute interview with Brett Hudson.

And while you're at it, click here to listen to Lou's talk with Tabloid Baby pal Michael Lohan, star of Brett and Frozen Picture's legendary reality show pilot you can see on the right hand side of this page --->

(And Tabloid Baby pal Chris DeRose, too. That Lou is everywhere.)


Nikki said...

Brett you are an inspiration, I can so relate, my husband is fighting leukemia and I have bone cancer so between the two of us we so relate. The last visit they did some more tests I am nervous over these as it may have gone to my pancreas and my liver, but you know what I believe I can beat it, and I tell my husband always we will win, we can beat it and so can you, you will beat it Brett you just gotta believe, don't ever stop believing, and never be around folks who try and pity you send them on their way, they might mean well but its too easy to slip into the oh man I am so scared stage, we all have to fight to stay out of that place, God Bless You, I will keep you in my prayers and I always believe He does answer, the drs had given up on my husband 4yrs ago and I refused I stayed in his room, just kept praying and asking God to please give him back to me and I will be forever grateful as he did, all my best wishes are sent to you!

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