Thursday, October 22, 2009

Somebody save Lindsay Lohan

With all his media interactions, eagerness and ability to get into the headlines with a soundbite or a quote, Tabloid Baby pal Michael Lohan has found himself in the position of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. His real concern over the health of his daughter Lindsay is being written off as the latest outburst of a publicity whore, when in fact Michael Lohan is right, the worries are real, young Lindsay's obsession with Marilyn Monroe is a lot more dangerous she and her people would have us think, and if her father isn't allowed to, someone should before she joins her friends Heath Ledger and Adam Goldstein.

Put it this way: This is the face of a 23-year-old.

This week... and 2004


Anonymous said...

This baby needs some help. Let's hope she gets it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my god look at those beautiful bright eyes ~ she was so stunning in 2004

Lindsey please please please STOP this and get help you look terrible for a 23 year old ~ you look terrible for a 33 year old

Get help there's still time to pull this out

All Bastards Must Pay said...

Remember when her CD “Speak” came out ?

Oh how much she looked like Ann Margaret?

She was bright and radiant and just soooooo beautiful

She’s only 23

She looks like a drug addict that walks the street

I pray someone gets her help

Michael Lohan may be a lousy father
going to jail and all that but what kind of mother allows her daughter to sink this low?

Stop denying your daughter has a problem and get her some help before its too late!!

Anonymous said...

par•a•site (pār'ə-sīt')
1. Biology An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.
a. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
b. One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.
3. A professional dinner guest, especially in ancient Greece.

And once you’re dead they will move on to another “Host”


Karma’s Gonna Getcha said...

Everyone always trashes Michael Lohan for being such a media whore

That all he cares about is attention for himself

He couldn’t possibly give a rats ass about Lindsay because he was “never” there
Because he “Went to jail”
Because he’s just a really really bad person

You’re making the assumption that people don’t change that he couldn’t possibly have gotten his head on straight in prison
That only BAD people go to jail right?
Once bad always bad no one EVER changes right?

Well then why do we even bother putting them in jail in the first place if that’s true just shoot ‘em all and save everybody a lot of time and money.

and god help Lindsay if that’s true because that means that she is destined to die in the gutter like some pathetic junkie
Nobody around her seems to give a shit about that
Nobody around her cares because that would bring the “Party” down wouldn’t it?

Look around Dina your daughter is dying she is not going to seek out the help on her own if you don’t do something she will be DEAD before she’s 30

Is that what you really want for your daughter?

At least Michael Lohan is trying to get her help and even if that means he will NEVER have a relationship with his adult daughter that she will hate him for the rest of her life

I bet that’s a sacrifice Michael is willing to make provided it’s a LONG HEALTHY HATE

Because at least she would be alive; that’s all that counts and that’s what any GOOD parent would want for their child

Get out of that party dress Dina and start acting like you give a crap about your children

Sinclare said...

wow is that really Lindsay Lohan?? she has changed a lot and I think that she did Buy Viagra and took a lot of those to get high, that's why she looks like that