Saturday, June 28, 2008

Porn-pushing TMZ covers up and runs from itself!

Now that they're facing a federal lawsuit and judge's order that lumps them definitively with porn promoter Kevin Blatt and porn distributor SugarDVD, the cowards at the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com have removed the clips of the private sex video that Troyer claims was stolen, and begun a backtrack that is not only desperate but bizarre.

Probably on advice of high-level attorneys financed by its corporate overlords at AOL and Time Warner, the site has posted an article about Troyer's lawsuit-- which tells half the story and ends with this line:

"Calls to TMZ were not returned."

The cowardly TMZ boys grabbed their towels and ran from their own calls for comment??!!

To quote the sleazebags: "We're just sayin'!"


Kiki Maraschino said...

Well, it wasn't that calls weren't returned exactly ...but every time I called myself, the line was busy!

Anonymous said...

your criticisms of TMZ are desperate, pathetic and sad.