Sunday, June 01, 2008

City Beat: 'Seventh Python summer's hottest ticket!'

The Seventh Python, the Neil Innes musical biopic produced by our pals at Frozen Pictures, is the hottest attraction of the Summer of 2008, according to Los Angeles City Beat, the alt weekly that’s gotten a lot of buzz since it’s been run by “acting editor” and self-described “editrix” Rebecca Schoenkopf, whose byline shows up on every other story in the paper and who writes like she’s some crazy chick out of Creem magazine circa 1976.

Rebecca’s enthusiasm reminds us of our old local alt weekly fave, the late Eat Me! writer. They ought to hand her the reins officially see what happens.

Meanwhile, under Rebecca's watch, the paper’s ahead of all others, as the film section of its Attack of The Summer Guide leads off with the June 26th premiere of The Seventh Python at Martin Lewis’ Mods & Rockers Film Festival. And to top it off, they describe Neil Innes as “briliantly funny,” which he is.

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