Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did Israel's sports governing body certify the Israel Baseball League despite its debts?

This morning's announcment that the Israel Baseball League is returning for a 2008 season after all, albeit in a shrunken form-- four teams and 20 games-- has led to many questions, including whether Israel's sports governing body has recertified the league to allow it to play in Israel.

IAB president Haim Katz withdrew the certification and canceled the IBL contract in January because of more than a million dollars in unpaid debts.

On May 29th, Katz told the Jerusalem Post flatly: "There will be no league in 2008."


Did the IAB re-certify the IBL despite the remaining debts?

Is the IBL getting around the issue?

Was there a backroom deal?

Is the IBL announcement for real?

Details to follow....

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