Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kurtzer to Baras to Obama: Israel baseball's link to the next President of The United States

For those of our readers who may feel that our coverage of the Israel Baseball League scandal and the Israel baseball saga has been a distracting diversion of little consequence to the world at large, we thought we'd point out that the constantly-developing story now has a direct connection to the 2008 United States Presidential campaign-- specifically the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate and, we would hope, the next President of The United States, Barack Obama.

Daniel Kurtzer, the former ambassador to Israel and Egypt, who, as commissioner of the Israel Baseball League helped rally support for Larry Baras and ease concerns among Israelis about his concern for Israel, is now an Obama adviser and a key member of “Obama’s Minyan,” the group of powerful, respected Jewish American leaders who are helping rally support for Barack Obama and ease concerns among American Jewish supporters about his concern for Israel.


Anonymous said...

Kurtzer is a loser.He supports giving back territories in Israel. How has that worked out? Why don't you pay the players and the umps from your pocket? You were the president of the league.

Anonymous said...

He was the Commissioner of the League! Had no Sports experience, and obviously NO leadership qualities! He also threatened NOT to pay the players if they decided to "strike" at one point! (he denies it)