Monday, June 02, 2008

Dr. Ruehl: New "alien" footage differs from 1994's

The "mainstream" media like to hit and run from a good extraterrestrial story-- and that's why no one's taken time to listen to our cries that question the authenticity of the so-called "real-live alien" video that a man in Denver brought to their attention last week.

We think we've seen something very similar. And put it on television ten years ago! And while giving his own analysis of the video, our own anomalyst and ufoloigist Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D. realized it looked even more familiar to him!

Check out that photo above.

The Doctor writes us:

I took this photo of the 1994 "ET at the Window" from my TV, but somehow it came out in color with my lamp seen blazing on the right side. The lights in the center are reflections,not an ET.

However, it is clear that this differs from the 2003 footage: in addition to the mother and daughter, there is a drape(or curtain) on both sides of the window whereas there is a wrought-iron shelf with photos on the left and two vertical cords and a light fixture on the right of the 2003 footage. Morever, the horizontal window pane is different and the ET is in the extreme left-hand corner of the 1994 footage as opposed to the center of 2003.

But no media contacted me despite my mailings claiming they were identical. I see that Larry King has already covered this, and I will continue bombarding other media people about it.

The investigation continues...


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