Saturday, June 21, 2008

Israel Baseball Poll: Hero... or Puppet?


Anonymous said...

Total puppet.

This has the smell of Larry Baras all over it.

And guess what it smells like sh-t!!

Anonymous said...

Root is a stud, and a baseball-wise businessman.
Dan wouldn't do it if he had Baras' hand stuck up his behind.
Um, what is he doing, anyways?

baseballbunny said...

I'm all for it. Good for Dan.

Enough slamming baseball in Israel... I don't know why the hosts of this blog have such animosity for this endeavor. You can't ever just report happy news and leave it at that. You even tainted Eladio's presence on the Yankee roster (whichever league it is) with suspicion that it's a vast conspiracy by Yankee executives who are related to the IBL.

You have previous players voicing their support and perhaps more importantly, you have fans that are happy about this latest development.

You immediately assume that steps are *not* being taken to right the wrongs of last season. You assume the IBL has *not* had dialogue with the IBA. And you assume that anyone involved is being used or manipulated.

You know what happens when you assume don't you.

It really is a chillel hashem the way you have talked about the people involved in this massive undertaking and if you don't know what that means, maybe you should go ask a rabbi. And while you're at it, ask for a lesson on lashon harah.

As for me, take me out to the ball game.

Anonymous said...

It is no chillel hashem to make sure people are not being defrauded.

And by the way LARRY stop pretending to be religious.

It is a shanda not to pay people in your employ on time.

baseballbunny said...

Just to set the record straight. I am *NOT* Larry.

I hope for Larry's sake he doesn't even read this site.

Anonymous said...

Of course he reads this site.

What are you a moron.

baseballbunny said...

Can you not read?

I said "I hope."

Not "I bet."
Or, "I know for a fact."

P.S. Respond in which ever way you choose. I'm done responding to you. I just wanted it to be known that it wasn't Larry posting to this site.

But now, I am done lowering myself to argue with "anonymous" tough guys.

Anonymous said...

Ok Larry but we still know its you.

Anonymous said...

Root being asked to step in and save the IBL is awesome. He is an amazing ball player, a great friend, and a man of honor and integrity. He would not be involved if it was not on the level. Hooray for baseball in Israel again. Its a happy thing. Why is everyone so negative. People need to chill out.

Anonymous said...

TB and Elli- stop with the conspiracy already every bit of good news about the IBL you immediately think is false, etc.
Roots will be awesome. You should applaud this move because you know Roots is the real deal. But instead, for some reason (?the IBL didn't hire Elli perhaps) even this move you need to spit on. Get a grip and stop humping each other over these news tidbits that you dredge up thinking you'll sink baseball in Israel. "Play Ball" will soon be heard in Israel and I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Dan's motivations are not pure.

He wants to protect his investment.

By the way there is still no players.
No place to house them because the IBL has no credibility.

No flights purchased to get ballplayers to Israel.

Has anybody checked the cost of fairs to Israel lately not cheap.

Prediction don't believe the bull.
There will be no baseball.

Not enough time.
No money.
No credibility.

Anonymous said...

Dan is also a fool because he now exposes himself to the possibility of being party to the fraud which is the IBL.

Before you agree to be president of a league you better make sure the books are clean.

You better make sure you know who Larry took money from and who is owed money.

Larry took money from many people and had many side and individual deals with people.

There is a long trail of emails to support this.

Larry has ruined himself and the people who go into business with him will either be taken by Larry or subject themselves to covering the fraud.

Anonymous said...

Who's brilliant idea is it to have a Jerusalem team this year that doesn't even play in Jerusalem anyway.

All that means is paying for new uniforms with money that doesn't exist.

Isn't it reasonable to expect an organization to pay expenses it has before incurring new ones.

Why Jerusalem Gold? Hadn't they already announced Jerusalem Lions?

Just because this organization makes an announcement does not mean anything.

The problem with the IBL is its management. They are just making it up as they go along.


Its lying Larry Baras and Martin Berger.

Anonymous said...

Can we hear from the honorable Dan Kurtzer?

Can Larry Baras come out of hiding?

Anonymous said...

If they pay all past debts,open up financial records and put out a proper season this year than kudos to Dan . If he thinks he is recooping his $25,000 investment he is crazy. How many creditors are owed money before investors will see a penny?
I also believe there are a bunch of investors who invested quite a bit more than Dan. He better have a real plan and real quick!

Anonymous said...

What a fool.

Anonymous said...

he is a jack ass

Anonymous said...

Just give it up. Dishonest baseball has no business in Israel. If the new regime is serious ,they should first pay all debts. Make a sensible plan(Israeli market,merchandise to sell, real games ,real tickets....)
Dan - Do you have a clue? If you do please let us know what it is! By saying that you have merchandise(e-commerce but have nothing)or games(without schedules,players...)without real info is purely reckless and improper.

Anonymous said...

Chilul Hashem?
Loshon Harah?
Talk to a Rabbi?
All very valid points!
But why are you writing them on your computer on the Holy Shabbat day?

Anonymous said...

Any more missives from Larry Baras.

I love that pretentious S.O.B.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear more stories about how Larry gave the Lolly Pops to little girls.

And that he was all sweaty!!!

Anonymous said...

Baseballbunny- (I mean Larry Baras)

The hosts of this site want baseball in Israel.

They just want it to be transparent and free from fraud.

Anonymous said...

When are the debts being paid? Has anybody been paid yet?
Who is still owed money???
This might be the last time you can come forward and make a claim.
Dan what are your plans?

baseballbunny said...

It was motsei shabbat... I'm in Israel.

Anonymous said...

But Larry is in Boston

Me said...

Holy Shit, stfu already. You are so Jewish it drives me fuckin crazy. Bitching and moaning like you're strapped up in a damn torture chamber. don't you have anything important to do?

I ban both of you dumbshits from ever writing another post, ever.

Anonymous said...

To me said -

We know you look at this page every second.

You are either Larry or Martin and we will keep writing and asking you the hard questions.

Just tell us how much money was raised and what bank accounts you put it in.

don't tell us to be quiet. This is the only forum to ask the hard questions.

Anonymous said...

to me said

Thanks for your poignant comments but it seems that someone has hit a sore spot in you!

Anonymous said...

Dan Rootenberg would never put his name to anything this screwed up unless he planeed to step in and do everything in his power to fix it.

I know that he may not be able to save the league, but be damn sure of one thing... Dan Rootenberg will do everthing in his power to make sure that every last penny is paid to every vendor, player, and coach, and anyone who thinks that Dan will collect the $25,000 he is owed before everyone else is paid really needs to spend some time and get to know the man a little better.

Belive me, if Baras or Berger does anything to prevent him from doing his job properly, he will step away from his investment and the league in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Dan needs to know where the money went last year. He should have a budget and funds for the upcoming season so everyone gets paid properly. If he can do that than he is a superhero. He is working with a devious crook. If Dan suceeds great. If he fails that will end baseball in Israel for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Root root Root for Rootenberg and he will get the job done the right way-Let My People go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan please duck! You are being surrounded by criminals!
You are too nice a guy to let any of their sh-- hit you!

Anonymous said...

Unless you know Rootenberg personally, are you truly in a position to vote in this purported poll to determine his status as hero or puppet? Anyone and everyone who has ever met Dan Rootenberg knows he is no puppet. He is a hero in every sense of the word.

The bottom line is that if you are not part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Those of you sitting behind your computer screens doing nothing more than ascribing puppet or rubber stamp status to Rootenberg without giving him a chance to effectuate change, YOU are part of the problem.

Dan Rootenberg, by standing up to the task, recognizing the lack of leadership, the need for reorganization, the room for growth, change, and success, HE is part of the solution. Similarly, those of you standing in support of Rootenberg, with hope and optimism that he can and will make a difference for the better in the months to come, YOU are part of the solution.

Dan Rootenberg is a good man, a wise man, a very decent human being, a devoted and loving family man and father, who wants nothing more than to secure a legacy of love through baseball. Regardless of the outcome, there is nothing to lose by lending positive energy to Dan's innovative leadership and hoping in your heart that he can pull this off. Why not sit back and give him a chance before going on the attack?

As an aside, wouldn't it be nice if this reporter Elli everyone keeps commenting about extended his hand to Rootenberg in good faith, reaching out by phone to wish him well and do what reporters are supposed to do? (i.e. track down the source, make a connection, gather the information). With all due respect, is it not disingenuous to accuse someone of ducking and hiding before making any attempts to approach and speak to that person?

Dan Rootenberg is a man of honor, integrity, and his word. He does the best he can do, always. What more can possibly be asked of anyone? He has my full support and heartfelt thanks for trying his best to rescue this league. Shame on those of you who cannot take two seconds to pat him on the back and thank him for trying.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know Dan.Yes he seems to be a good man.
Can we please know what he is doing? What his plans are? Correct ,the IBL needs a change in leadership but I still see Martin Berger there. He is a huge problem as everyone knows.
It has been two weeks since this bold news. What is he doing exactly?
Is it a secret?
Should the public know?
Are the games going to be played 5am in an obscure field in Sderot?
He should fold his hand now or get up and say what really is going on.

Anonymous said...

xtra xtra IBL folds after all