Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brit-Head: Crowley gets scoop on Spears' shear

Jon Crowley over at Hollywood Thoughts is turning into the Spike Jonze (or is it Warren Beatty?) of L.A. bloggers. He takes his time betwen releases, but when he comes out with something new, it's bound to be interesting-- and probably a hit. After returning from a long, self-imposed hiatus, the guru of Disneyana, NASA, Dodgers and Hollywood history didn't take long to score big again: breaking the Britney Spears headshaving incident. Crowley happened upon the scene in person Friday night-- when he noticed a crowd of paparazzi outside a tattoo parlor across the alley from his garaget. His instant eyewitness account, Britney Spears Has A Shaved Head & A New Tattoo, was titled like an Esquire piece, picked up by Defamer and spread through the universe:
...I went around to the front of the place, and was quickly engulfed by a mob of nearly a hundred twenty-somethings. But, LOOK! There she is! I spotted my quarry: a now bald-headed, trash talking, newly inked mother-of-two. Sporting a new pair of red lips on her wrist and a completely cut down pate, she definitely looks like the type that would man the drive-thru next to Kevin whats-his-name on the fry machine* (*please review the Federline Super Bowl commercial if you're having a tough time following the line of thought here)...
Crowley was the first to notice that USC running back Reggie Bush was taking gifts. More shocking, close to a year before the "Pampered Astronaut" story, Crowley had a detailed post on excreting in space.

Read the complete, historic "Britney Spears Has A Shaved Head & A New Tattoo" here.

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