Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Howard Stern will do anything to get into the news

Poor Howard Stern. Now that he's been out of the public spotlight for more than a year and no longer part of the public discourse, he's wound up playing second fiddle in the public consciousness to Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend-attorney. Today, it's Howard "K." Stern whom everyone knows! So what does the old Howard do? He gets some Valentine's Day ink by claiming he's proposed to his longtime galpal Beth Ostrosky, the model who's becoming more famous than the 53-year-old former radio star. It's just another broken promise to his longtime fans, and only the latest step toward the inevitable day that portions of Howard's satellite show are offered on "free" radio. He'll be back.

And check out this indignity (above photo) to Adam Carolla, the crapulous motonotous bore who's replaced Stern in LA and other markets: first the bosses fired his on-air team and replaced them with Danny Bonaduce. Today, the show makes the NY Times-- and Carolla's cut out of the picture!

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Step said...

Do you own XM stock or something. You've written two negative posts about Stern and Artie, you have this premise that no one is listening and he's coming back. Listen, HE IS NOT COMING BACK TO OLD FASHIONED. The show cannot be broadcast on regular radio. The Stern show --and Sirius-- are great. You have no idea what you are missing. Regular radio is awful. I can't understand how ANYONE puts up with all those commercials?? And, to listen to a broadcaster say whatever he wants and not have to bleep a crazy guest is pure heaven. The Stern Sirius show is the funniest radio ever. Even better than Stern in his so-called "prime."