Monday, February 26, 2007


Tabloidbaby.com passed more than a million page views this morning. It's about time! We've got to thank Antonella Barba, Heather Mills, Olivia Newton-John, Our Man Elli in Israel and that bizarre Tabloidrabies "tribute" site, among others, for putting us over the top. And you, of course. Bookmark us, subscribe, and tell your friends, read us at Tvgasm and Anorak, buy the book, tell your friends and stay tuned for the Tabloid Baby TV show.


Anonymous said...


Hearing news like is what makes the Internet a good place to be!

Now, where will she spread her obsession?

Hey, Kiliki, F&A may need ya over there.

Anonymous said...

That's great

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the people who are sending hate email to other members are Kris, Kim Shea, Kevin Madore, Jeff Point also Jim Roy.
A good member from OO just told me.

Anonymous said...

Kim Shea is the main person to blame for the hateful emails people are getting. She is the one who thought of the idea.
I can vouch for that.

Anonymous said...

Kris was getting to close to Melissa's man Kevin that is the real reason she was banned.
Kevin is getting tired of Melissa.
Cheer up Melissa there is always Bill Zullo or even gay Dale to cuddle up with if you need more male attention.

Anonymous said...

Melissa is a walking popsicle. I can see how would sick of her, quick. She's a bitch, so that is no surpise he would want to "dump that bitch"

But why would he downgrade to Kiliki? She is a a total skank and needs some immediate physical hygeine. I was at the convention in Atlantic City last year and let me tell you, that chick smelled like a three week old garbage pail.

I guess all Kevin can get is something like Kiliki. He's fairly nasty himself.

Anonymous said...

Naw, Dale only likes guys into water sports and booze.