Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Posh Spice as America's new Queen of Comedy?

She's a haughty stick-insect fashion plate who acts like she's something special when she's just a former Spice Girl. He's a guy who has a squeaky voice, plays a sport no one in America cares about, wears dresses and cheats on his wife publicly. They're treated like royalty in Europe, where royalty means something. Here in the States, they're considered plastic surgery oddities hiding behind oversized sunglasses on the fringes of Scientology. But hey, we'd watch their reality show!

The idea of a reality series starring David and Victoria Beckham has been batted around since it was announced the couple would be coming to America so David could join the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team this summer.

And today, NBC is reportedly thisclose to signing Victoria, aka Skinny Spice, to star in a reality series revolving around the move--and her fashion business, DVBStyle.

What's most surprising is that the show will also be centered on Victoria's wild-and-crazy sense of humour.

Apparently the pouting poser is some kind of laff riot!

Vicki's manager, Simon Fuller, the prefab pop guru who created the Spice Girls and American Idol, says, "The Americans are falling over to sign Victoria to TV. They have taken a shine to her hilarious humour."

London's Daily Mail says the deal with the British Tina Fey is worth $19.6 million. The New Zealand Herald says it's worth $28 million. We at Tabloid Baby will go on a limb and say it's worth $100 million!

Fuller's company would produce the series, which could be on the air this summer. They're hoping the reality show will make the couple huge stars and products in America. Personally, we're just looking forward to the Spice Girls reunion. Because we really, really dig the Spice Girls. No fooling.

(...and check out President Bush's finger in the top photo. What's up with that?)

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american pie said...

mr tabloid..jus wan to knw when all ameriacns really know the meaning of >>culture( still knwn as a country of immigrants also a country hav no official language..check wikipedia or any source..u got any culture remains..let us knw), then ROYALTY, football........