Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reggie Bush scandal: Crowley blog had the scoop

Yahoo.com scoops the LA Times with a report that NFL running back Reggie Bush and his family appear to have accepted gifts, money and other benefits from marketing agents while the Heisman winner was still playing at USC.

But hold the champagne-- because Yahoo itself was scooped months ago by a blog called Hollywood Thoughts.

Yahoo says its report was based on an eight month investigation. Interesting. Because Hollywood Thoughts, the showbiz-sports-Disneyana site run by noted television and documentary director and producer Jon Crowley, brought the story into the open exactly eight months and one day ago!

The date was January 13th. Crowley posted the above-and-below photos with the following "Hollywood Thoughts":

Let me first say that I'm a USC fan. That said, this photo from today's LA Times has me concerned. How does a kid from the inner city afford diamond earrings and an expensive watch? Aren't there restrictions on how much dough amateur athletes can pull in? Maybe I'm just a cynic. It's probably just a gift from the owner of the Houston Texans...

Yahoo! Looks like someone followed his lead. Crowley, you nailed it. A tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to you.

Crowley's scoop, and the time it took for the (almost) mainstream media to pick up the ball, is reminiscent of Tabloid Baby's work in the Patrick McDermott case. All of us in the Tabloid Baby office look forward to Hollywood Thoughts' return from vacation.

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fishbowl la said...

In one of those "so weird, it might be true" coincidences, Jon Crowley, Hollywood tv producer/blogger, questioned Reggie's bling, back in January. Tabloid Baby thinks Crowley's questions might have been the inspiration for the investigation. FBLA considers this a tich far-fetched, but then, who knows what people at Yahoo read?

Reggie doesn't look like a guy who'd wear CZ.