Monday, February 26, 2007

Antonella sex pix: Could it be a lookalike?!

There's a new twist in the Antonella Barba American Idol sex photo scandal. The latest "CSI" analysis of sex-act photos that have made international headlines and caused consternation amid the highest levels of the Idol machine-- reveals that they may feature an Antonella lookalike!

VotefortheWorst.com, a website that urges people to vote for the least-talented Idol contestants, is now linking to an amateur porn site that includes additional shots from the same sex session. The site indicates the woman in the close-up sex act photos is seen above, at right. (Antonella is at left). Then again, this may be manipulation as well (remember, VotefortheWorst wants to keep weak singers like Antonella in the running).

But if it does turn to be a different woman in the X-rated shots, it confirms our earlier suspicion that a) the deliberate leaking of these photos is a publicity ploy... and/or b) someone has it out for Antonella. The 20-year-old would surely also receive a lot of sympathy--and perhaps forgiveness-- for the other embarrassing, yet tame-by-comparison pictures she did pose for (she'd still have to apologize for posing on a national monument).

No comment from Idol... or Antonella's family, so far.


Here's the link to the Vote For the Worst site.

The shots of the Antonella lookalike are here (NSFW).

The latest shots of Antonella are here (NSFW!).

(UPDATE: Antonella's "best friend" and fellow Idol auditioner Amanda Coluccio confirms it's Antonella in the tamer photos-- but not the hardcore pix: "The really bad ones aren't her. I've studied them. It's not her nose. She's never had (acrylic nail) tips in her life. She's the least slutty person I know." Read all about it here.)

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