Monday, February 19, 2007

The face of agita

Fuhgeddabout Britney Spears and her shaved head. This our favorite picture of the weekend: James Gandolfini looking like he doesn't regret for a minute that he joined a grand lineage of TV stars as 39th King of the Krewe of Bacchus Mardi Gras Parade down in New Orleans this weekend (meet the past kings-- including Jim Nabors, Dom DeLuise and Steve Guttenberg-- here).

Just look at that face! Does that sum up Tony Soprano's troubles as he heads into the second half of the show's sixth and final season or what?

Then again, the picture could be seen as a tribute to Britney-- the look on her face the first time she gazed into a mirror after her Friday night shaving.

Plus, Jim's got a little upskirt action happening there.

The final stretch of The Sopranos begins on Sunday, April 8th. Only nine more episodes. HBO has been running a retrospective promo that shows startlingly how Gandolfini has... grown... into the role.

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