Thursday, October 12, 2006

Zelig 2006: Our Man Elli at the NYC crash scene

It seems like an exiled New Yorker can’t return to Manhattan without stepping into a big newsworthy ruckus. Last time the Tabloid Baby stopped back for a drink with Steve Dunleavy at Langan’s, we wound up stranded at LaGuardia for hours on the liquid terror scare day.

And so it goes for Our man Elli in Israel, who’s arrived in the States a bit early for his lecture tour (dates are still open-- contact us here).

With Elli, it’s the same story:




Breaking news.

A major, history-making event.

And because it’s his home turf, The Yankees.

Elli emails:

…i went to the scene of the plane crash this morning, and did a phoner with my station. which means that i'll always remember cory lidle as a yankee who got me a day's pay. stood talking with magee hickey, who looks great after all these years.

Check in here for more dispatches from Our Man Elli, on the road across America...

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Anonymous said...

There *must* be a way to blame Howard Stern for this, no?