Monday, October 23, 2006

At least Katie kept that guy who looks like k.d. lang

Women Scarcer On Evening News

B&C Contributing Editor Andrew Tyndall analyzed the first six weeks of Katie Couric’s tenure atop the CBS Evening News and found that woman have gotten fewer assignments.

When former Today host Katie Couric arrived at the anchor chair of the CBS Evening News just six weeks ago, much was made of the fact that she—unlike Barbara Walters, Connie Chung and Elizabeth Vargas before her—was the first solo female nightly-news anchor. But that has not translated to a more female-centric Evening News, at least on the correspondent side.

In fact, since Couric’s arrival, women have received 40% fewer assignments than they did under her predecessor, Bob Schieffer. Men, meanwhile, have seen no cutback in their workload...

We called it back in April in an item entitled "The Morning After: Bye Bye, News Babes." We knew then that Katie's arrival would banish the younger, brighter competition. And when the producers threw most of Katie's debut show to former swimsuit model Lara Logan, the deal was sealed.

Look at the photos below and guess the one who has a regular spot on the Katie show:

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