Friday, October 06, 2006

Our Man Elli, coming to a lectern near you

Every year around this time-- this time being the Major League Baseball playoffs-- our Middle East correspondent, known to readers as Our Man Elli in Israel, finds an excuse to make his way from his home in Jerusalem, back to the USA and its stadiums.

This time, the veteran journalist and native New Yorker is dropping his microphone and taking time from his job as on-air television correspondent for the Israeli Broadcasting Authority to embark on an American lecture tour.

From October 18th through the day before Halloween, Elli is available to come to your town and give you a spellbinding insider’s look at the war he’s been covering live, where the political process is heading and why Israel 's image problem, and how and why the media covers the conflict and why Israel’s got such an image problem. He's sports editor of the second edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica, so he can also speak about Jews in sports. Look for an extensive and lively Q&A after his spiel.

Elli has traversed this great country, from New York City to Seattle, more than once in his illustrious carrer as reporter, editor and TV news producer (just yesterday he reminded us it was 25 years to the day that we'd first met-- in a men's room-- at the sink--on the way out!), he's one heckuva a speaker and he knows how to tell a story. Those are some of the reasons why he’s the focus of the forthcoming documentary, Sex & Baseball, which covers those subjects but a whole lot more, including terrorism and life in a city where he's lived since 1991 and everyone has to think twice before stepping on a city bus.

Here’s Elli’s itinerary so far:

Oct. 19 University of Pittsburgh
Oct. 23 University of Oklahoma in Norman
Oct. 24 University of Kansas in Lawrence
Oct. 25 University of Missouri in Columbia
Oct. 30 University of Florida
in Gainsville

If you’d like to book Our Man Elli for speaking engagement in and around his gigs—or take him out for a drink or (kosher) dinner, email him at unis2424@yahoo.com, or contact us here and we'll get the message to him.