Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We're an American Tabloid

Tabloid Baby’s appreciation of Oasis as the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band, our more intimate British connections and nose for a good story with which to wrap tomorrow’s fish, is paying off in a big way as we officially find a home across the pond with the most legendary tabloid site around.

Starting now, you can find the best of Tabloid Baby on Anorak.

You know, Anorak, one of the UK’s original and best-loved web magazines, having gained fans and notoriety in the past decade for its irreverent style and sense of humour as it reviews the UK papers and showbiz magazines— as its slogan says: “keeping tabs on the tabloids.” (Anorak, named for the ubiquitous snorkel parka of UK geekdom, even has its own dictionary—which should soon be collected and put on the reference shelf next to our copy of the Viz Profanisaurus.

Anorak is required reading in the Tabloid Baby office. And now even more so, because Anorak is training its jaundiced eye on the American media—and running some of Tabloid Baby’s more incisive and less self-promoting posts (beginning with our dissection of People magazine and Olivia Newton-John) on its new American Tabloid page.

So link to Tabloid Baby from Anorak! Our staff is on notice to come up with the goods.

In keeping with the spirit:

Oasis rules!

And while we’re at it:

Jim Davidson’s a wanker!

Readers of Anorak-- and Tabloid Baby-- know what we mean…

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