Thursday, October 26, 2006

David Hull & Aerosmith: Tom Hamilton checks in

We've been keeping track of David Hull, the local rock star of the Tabloid Baby teen years, who's made a surprise fifty-something resurgence as bass player on Aerosmith's latest tour.

David is filling in for his old pal Tom Hamilton, the Aerosmith favorite who's being treated for throat cancer.

This week, a poignant message from Tom appeared on Aerosmith's official Aeroforceone fan forum.

24-Oct-06 Tom checks in

Hey, just wanted to say hi and tell everybody what's up in my world. I'm getting better steadily but kind of slowly. I've been finished with the radiation treatment for a couple of months. I was hoping to be close to being out on the road with the band by now but it's still too soon. The radiation burns the hell out of your mouth and throat and the healing process can take a while. Whenever I talk to someone who hasn't spoken to me in a while they say I sound completely better. My voice was kind of screwed up for a time. People who haven't seen me in a while they say I look normal (for me). I'm getting close and I'm chomping at the bit but the real decisions are up to the doctors and the healing process.

I went into a room by myself recently and listened to the new Greatest Hits album. I turned the lights down and the volume up and just sat back and let it roll over me. After a couple of songs went by I went into a state where I felt really close to the band and really far away at the same time. In my head I was connected and isolated all at once. Another part of me was in the time period of each song with movies of those times playing in my head. I don't really sit down and listen to our albums that way very often and it had a lot of emotion for me. I have to say the emotion was good and a little sad but mostly good.

A lot of people have sent me cards and stuff. As a matter of fact, way more than I would have expected. I can't say how much I appreciate it. There are times when I have to really lean against my support system and it helps to have it coming in from all directions.

Have I gotten too corny yet? I really hate excessive corniness but its hard to talk about these things without some sneaking in. What I mostly want to say is thanks.

See you soon,


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