Sunday, October 15, 2006

Newton-John muddles McDermott mystery

Two weeks ago, she said they'd broken up. Now she's carrying a torch? Time to get the story straight...

October 15, 2006 - OLIVIA Newton-John still carries a torch for her boyfriend Patrick McDermott, who vanished 15 months ago in what cops believe may have been a staged disappearance to dodge a court showdown with his ex-wife over child support. "It's still Patrick," Newton-John wistfully told Page Six when we asked if she's dating again. "There's still no news and we just don't know what happened." The '70s pop queen - who battled breast cancer after a string of hits including "Physical" and the movie "Grease" - has just launched the "Olivia" line of women's health and wellness products.


Anonymous said...

I know you guys are a little slow, but I think even you can understand what a "break" is.

Ed said...

MAybe he's trapped in Xanadu.

Anonymous said...

If they were on a break and came back, more than once, then your point makes no sense.

You sell things at the expense of other's lives too..

(You don't report very well, do you?)

Talk about spinning..

Anonymous said...

This relationship probably was not destined to culminate in marriage. . .or "breaks" would not only be unnecessary but unbearable. . still the loss of a friendship is difficult too. Whatever they were to each other, the whole thing is tragic.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they had their problems like any couple. But it's very obvious they shared a deep love and respect. And that should not be cheapened by Tabloid Baby's pathetic attempts at slandering Olivia's name.

Anonymous said...

Shutup, Kiliki. No one is really interested in what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

I could not have said it better myself. Kiliki needs to shut her trap. I can't stand her.

Anonymous said...


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Did any of you morons stop to think that maybe by discussing Kate's situation here you may be causing her worse problems? Ever stop to think that people who are causing her problem could be reading this board? Since she is not posting at OO either, you don't have to worry that she has abandoned us for them. She has not. There are circumstances that are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, so back off.

Ever stop to think that everything said here gets twisted and posted on TB also and maybe it might be a good idea to not subject Kate to something like that?

Seems Mr.Damato is getting a little pissed at his members. Once again he blames everyone else for the problems he created. Wasn't he the one that invited Kate to live with him ?

Anonymous said...

For someone so AGAINST F&A, you sure do spend a lot of time over there, Kiliki.

Anonymous said...

So does Kim!
Kim we cannot wait for you to help out Linda then talk behind her back to others later on in the week.

Anonymous said...

Kim posts on OO too much yet hates Bill's board and goes over there to post under another name recently. What are you trying to prove Kim that you can ruin both boards?
Your doing a great job lately.

Anonymous said...

Hey F & A it's Kim Shea the one and only who likes to ruin message boards for other people.
Kim has already ruined the OO board and now she is on D'Amato's board.
Yeah tell us more about Linda's priavte problems while you are at that talk about why you need to know Kate's problems over at D'amato's board.
And how you love to be on both boards.

Tom said...

Kim once said that she didn't wear panties to a concert.
She loves to kiss up to people.
Kim will only talk to people who can help her meet her idol Olivia. Everyone else does not matter. She only is being nice to Linda to show off on the OO board.
Kim loves to show off on the board and act sophisticated but in reality she is far from that.
She loves to talk about Olivia's fashion sense yet has none and needs a dye job and manicure.