Friday, October 20, 2006

The truth behind the McCartney accusations?

No, we don’t believe pothead skinflint Paul McCartney was the drunken abuser Heather Mills claims he was. He’d beat her? He’s a billionaire. He could pay someone for that. He’d deny the gal the chance to breastfeed (unless it was a vegan thing)? Just remember Linda. He didn’t even to ask her to shave her legs. We can see him denying Heather the golden bedpan. Who’d want her pissing up the bed? He’s a billionaire. He could pay someone to do that.

Our friends over at the scandalous, essential Popbitch have come up with a good reason for Heather’s firebomb. It seems that Heather is desperate as her chance at hopping away with Macca’s millions might be slipping away. And it’s not simply that McCartney’s legal team has been playing hardball with the one-legged lottery winner since they re-leaked all those naked photos that Heather posed for in her leggy youth.

Popbitch reports that Heather’s lawyers “had suggested to Heather that they weren't sure she should be entitled to anything from Sir Paul as she had misrepresented herself at the time of the wedding by not revealing she had, in effect, been a prostitute.” (The British tabloids dredged up allegations this summer that Heather had been a high-end call girl for clients including Adnan Khashoggi and Arab princes.)

Now that we've covered that, let’s get another look at those great Heather Mills nudie, S&M’y sex photos hereherehereherehere and here!

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