Monday, October 23, 2006

Aerosmith turns David Hull into a rock star again

I was in Hartford for show #2 this tour. and David Hull's bass playing was great but he looked a little uncomfortable. By the time I saw them in Toronto… he loosened up and looked at "home" up there with the boys...still kicking ass on bass. I miss Tom... but David was the right replacement.


That's how it was with me, too! I was at the opening show in Columbus and David stayed in one spot out of the way, but when I saw them at Alpine and Indy, he had loosened up and was more comfortable and was having fun with it and moved around. Tom isn't replaceable in my eyes, but David is doing a great job of filling in for him during his illness/recovery.

The Still Crazy-style resurrection of David Hull, the local rock star from Tabloid Baby’s teenage years, has been well-documented on this site in past weeks. The bass player with a long association with the boys in Aerosmith was called out of obscurity last month to fill in for ailing bassman Tom Hamilton on the band’s latest tour.

Dave’s tenure onstage was supposed to end sometime this month. But it seems the group’s prediction of Tom’s recovery from throat cancer may have been overly optimistic. November’s on the way and David Hull is still slinging the bass, and growing back into the the rock star swagger he carried as a young man.

Photos of David Hull onstage in the early shows showed the musician who once defined rock’n’roll attitude star to appear reticent and respectful, hanging back in dress and demeanor. But all these weeks on the road, chilling the crowd with the opening riffs to Sweet Emotion, and playing what he loves best along with pros his own age and at his own level, has stripped away the years, loosened him up, and made him a loveable member of this gang of ageing bad boys.

One barometer of his success is how the protective Aerosmith fans are responding. We’d espect the Tom Hamilton fans to have their switchblades out, but comments from the Aeroforceone fan forum indicate otherwise:

All I have to say is David I'm glad you are filling in for TOM. I know your filling big shoes right now, but let me be the one to say you kicked ass last night, and I'm sure Tom thanks his lucky stars to have someone like you fill in for him till he returns. Aerofans can be the hardest critics at times, but I don't think anyone can complain about you stepping up to the plate for Tom.

I had a great time in Nashville watching the show, and you were right there with the whole thing. Thanks for being a shining light for Tom right now, and may God be with you always.


The fact that we haven't heard anything but positive things about David says a lot... seeing that there are not too many threads on the guy is a shame but it also shows he's fitting in so well people forget he's even there!


All I can say is that David did a very good job on Sweet Emotion. I would liked to have seen Tom do it but David nailed it! We miss Tom But during the healing, David is doing a stand up job for him,and I'm glad that Steven, and the Boy's make David a part of this very special group.


I didn't think I would like David Hull and my mind was already made up against him but you guys are right. He's doing an awesome job and although we all miss Tom, David seems like an excellent choice and the next best thing.

When I met Tom in Boston on June 1st, he was talking to David although at the time I had no idea who he was. I was just wishing Tom would finish talking to this floppy haired guy so he could pay a little attention to me. Had I known what was going on with him at the time, I might have been a little less selfish...


Davids doing a GREAT JOB!!! Aerosmith thanks for making a great choice putting David in Toms place... Tom...get well soon!! We miss your sweet face!


As much as I miss Tom and would really love to see him back on the stage, I think David Hull is doing an awesome job filling in... and having fun doing it.

On the down side, Tom Hamilton’s condition may mean the end of his long run with Aerosmith. No one’s candid at times like this.

But David Hull’s rock ’n’ roll renaissance has been the story of the season, even more exciting than the ups and downs and ins and outs of Rock Star Supernova, starring Aerosmith’s tour mate, Tommy Lee. New dates have been added that take the tour into December.

Stay tuned here for the latest on both.


Anonymous said...

What a nice write-up on David, he definitely deserves it! Those are big shoes that he has to step into for a while, and he IS doing a great job. Now don't go saying that this could be the end of Aerosmith, Tom's going to be back, healed, healthy, and badder than ever! Think positive! :-)

Mary said...

Great write up about David. I've been a David Hull fan since 1973 and have followed his career over the years. I have always respected his talent and his dedication. When I heard he was filling in with Aerosmith, well, it was the most awesome thing I've heard in years and I never doubted he would be great. Wish David all the best. His hometown is really proud.

JSM said...

David Hull is an amazing musician and person. Having worked with him and a tech with Farrenhiet (Some may remember he also has been known as David Heit) I can say I don't know too many bassists with the pure talent and musicality he posseses. His style is unique.
Everyone should be looking forward to seeing him perform with
Farrenheit this summer in the Boston area and pick up some of his recordings.

bass player said...

David is a MONSTER bass player.
Plays not from his head but from his soul,, not--NOT-too many bass players can do that.
Knows just what to play where to play it.
Awesome sense of rhythm and KILLER tone.
I'd swear he's man of color under that white exterior of his.
Check out Joe Perry Project first album,, "Rockin Train".
If you were lucky enough to catch his solo live in the middle of that tune you know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Just saw interesting interview with this guy on The Patriot Ledger's Website http://www.patriotledger.com/multimedia/videos?vid_id=5vwhYjKkcaQ

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Brenda G.S. said...

david blew me away with his singing and guitar work tonight.This small town of Biddeford ,Maine, was given a gift tonight by his music.I loved it.Thanks you so much!!!! Brenda S. of Biddeford!

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