Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tiger Woods stung by another nude photo attack

The UK tabloids are having a field day reporting that Tiger Woods has “reacted with fury” after a Dublin magazine printed topless photos of a woman it wrongly claimed was the superstar golfer's wife.

Woods and the United States team arrived in Ireland on the eve of the Ryder Cup to see the photo purporting to show Woods' wife Elin under the headline "Ryder Cup filth for Ireland," above an article portraying the golfers' wives and girlfiends as cheap sluts.

The confusion is questionable, because the topless lookalike story is an old one. We broke the resurfacing of the scam back in March, when cyberterrorists spread the photos across the Internet on the eve of Tiger’s 60 Minutes interview with Ed Bradley.

Tabloid Baby readers helped identify model Kimberly Hiott by the tattoo on her lower back.


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