Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kim Hiott, it's time to claim your 15 Minutes

Kim Hiott is a model who's appeared in some provocative spreads for Playboy and other girlie magazines. Her face doesn’t necessarily radiate intelligence and the cuffs don’t always match the collar, but she's a looker, and her sexy photos have been circulated wide enough for her to become a household—or at least dorm room— room name by now.

Yet, more than two years after she was misidentified in her nudiest shots as Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren, the pix are still popping up with regularity and people still think it’s Tigers’ wife in the buff.

It doesn't make sense.

Today, any civilian, editor or lawyer only needs to google “Tiger Woods wife nude” to be directed to the truth.

So the fact that an Irish magazine published Kim’s pictures again this week makes even less sense— especially after we exposed the scam in March (when alert and horny Tabloid Baby readers ID’d Kim, based on her lower back tattoo), and pointed to a Snopes.com entry (Claim: Photographs show golfer Tiger Woods' wife posing nude. Status: False.) that laid the issue to rest.

It makes even less sense than all of the above that Kim Hiott isn’t a star based on the initial misidentification alone. Kim needs an agent. She should be on a world talk show tour today, expressing her outrage that she's being mistaken for a former nanny! This is her time to shine!

Where's Kim Hiott? If you know, contact us here. And we found some NSFW photos of Kim here.

(By the way, anyone who thinks there’s a difference between snooty “mainstream” news and proud tabloid should have have tuned into the Today show this morning, as they ran the Tiger Woods nude photos story—two days late and a writer short with the use of the "Tiger by the tail" cliche-- and ate it too, by showing the nude photos in question— but showing them as displayed in that Irish magazine. It’s an old trick to get ratings while avoiding the “tabloid” stigma-- as readers of Tabloid Baby are well aware.)


DodgerJon said...

"...collar doesn't match the cuffs..."

I like it.

Definitely more humanizing than the architectural metaphor of, "...the carpet doesn't match the drapes."

Fleshbot said...

In case you were wondering, the naked babe who is not Elin "Mrs. Tiger Woods" Nordegren but who's still causing a bunch of fuss this week is actually Playboy model Kim Hiott. She also really needs to fire her press agent.

(tabloidbaby.blogspot.com + tabloidrabies.blogspot.com)

Mark said...

Damn i had class with her! lol She is actually pretty smart. MIS major. class of '04. I wonder where she is now? Mary Beth, the other girl in playboy's girls of the Big 12, was pretty hot too. She can party that's for sure.

looie said...

She actually is smart and a sweet girl. She's married to a friend of mine. She doesn't need a press agent, she has an actual career and isn't looking for any fame from those pics for sure.

Anonymous said...

I know Kim real well,she love's it riding on top me and she is dripping wet! I love her but she is married,very,very beautiful gal.