Monday, September 25, 2006

Howard Stern's sad return to "free" radio

Will Howard Stern return to free “terrestrial” radio by syndicating portions of his pay-satellite radio show? Oh yes. Oh yes, indeed.

Because a few hours ago, Stern did the unthinkable: he returned to morning radio in Los Angeles—as a guest on the execrable show that was dumped into the slot he vacated when he took the money and disappeared!

For some reason, Howard Stern was a guest on the low-rated program hosted by Adam Carolla-- you know, the monotonal droner who cuts off his guests with long, boring rambles about his high school days and then trundles the guest out of the studio (or more often, off the phone), so he can dedicate longer, even more tedious segments to his brutally unfunny “Deaf Frat Guy” character.

Howard Stern and his gang phoned from his studio to the most intentionally corrosive show on LA radio—on the morning Rick Dees returned to Los Angeles radio (with Jack Nicholson as a guest!)— to give his “approval” to the show (probably in the same manner that Letterman gave his blessing to Tom Snyder or that Scottish guy who follows him now— knowing he looks godlike in comparison).

Howard Stern is making cameo appearances on the “Free FM” he left in shambles less than a year ago. He must feel very lonely and forgotten.

He’ll be back, all right. And soon.


Anonymous said...

Your obsession with this topic is as annoying as it is wrong.

Yer reading too much into tea leaves that don't exist.

Howard Stern has had a relationship with Adam Corolla for years - even going back to when Corolla was a regular on the Kevin & Bean radio show in LA - a market where Kevin & Bean and the Howard Stern show were direct (terrestrial) morning show competitors.

Adam Corolla has filled in on Stern's show for weeks at a time in the Artie "seat" in the past. I'm sure Stern was being a good friend and a professional by extending Corolla some consideration as someone he likes and has worked with.

Moreover, appearing on Corolla's show isn't even remotely a conflict for Stern - the terrestrial and pay radio world's aren't really competitive at the single program level.

Hey... I hear unmarked helicopters and men in black are hovering overhead. They must be in on the vast conspiracy, too.

Anonymous said...

I say TB may be on target on this one. Nobody talks about Stern any more. Nobody cares. Because he's out of the fight. Another year of this and Hugo Chavez will be giving a speech about the "late Howard Stern"

The people at the FCC are still trading high fives. They got rid of him. It's like the guy on the Twilight Zone who died and thought he went to heaven because he got everything he wanted - until he found out he was really in hell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....you're retarded. Plenty of people talk about Howard Stern, and topics that he mentions on his show are instantly some of the most searched for topics on google afterwards. In addition to this, Sirius only had about 1million subscribers prior to his joining the company, and was much smaller than its rival XM. Two years after joining Sirius, there are more than 8million subscribers, and Sirius is the goliath in the ring. There is absolutely no way that he would go back to regular radio which, frankly, unless you are either retarded or deaf is impossible to listen to. You are deluding yourself to think that anyone has even come close to filling the void that Stern left following his departure, and the first poster has his history absolutely correct RE Howard's history with Corolla. Stern calls into all kinds of terrestrial shows when he feels like it, and you think he is ever denied an audience? Of course not. By the way...what is this"fight"that you're referring to anyways? The fight for the cleveland drivetime slam jam superwammy workforce slot fight? Give me a break.

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