Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chris Wallace wasn't smirking

During his spirited self-righteous explosion broadcast on Fox News this morning, President Bill Clinton accused host Chris Wallace of having a "smirk" on his face.

Sorry, Bill, but he wasn't smirking. That's Chris Wallace's natural expression. It's the way his face is made.

In fact, "the smirk" has been annoying us for about twenty-five years, from the days we had to log Brokaw's nightly news at NBC, and despite his status as an arrogant network newsstar slumming at a right-wing propaganda machine shop, apparently Mike's son (and Eames Sr.s' stepbrother) can't help it.


Anonymous said...

Your assetion that that "just the way his face is made" is laughable. I saw the interview and that expression certainly wasn't the default expression of his face. It would be possible to debate forever what exactly a smirk is, but the expression on Wallace's face in your photo would be called a smile (albeit a small one) by most people who saw it. Whether it's a smirk would depend on the context in which it was delivered. Given the context - accusatory questioning of a denter-left former President by a conservative interviewer on the Fox news channel - it's a smirk.

Sonia Smith at Slate.com said...

Bloggers are jawing about former President Clinton's interview on Fox News Sunday...

Growing increasingly irritated, Clinton lashed out at Wallace personally: "And you've got that little smirk on your face and you think you're so clever," he said.

Tabloid Baby provides photographic evidence that Wallace was not smirking. "Sorry, Bill, but he wasn't smirking. That's Chris Wallace's natural expression."

Anonymous said...

All through the interview I was feeling a sort of dej vu. Until I finally got it. Ali and Cosell.

Chris: "Bill they say yer washed up and ya can't do it anymore...that the proverbial vultures of fate are circling around a once stellar ring career..."

Bill: (snatches the toupe off Wallace's head and dances around the room waving it in the air).

Bill: "I'm pretty...I'm soooo pretty! I'm a handsome man!"

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