Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We called it in 2006: CBS Radio cancels Carolla

It's official. Adam Carolla has lost his radio show. Anyone listening this morning to the painful banter and bluster between Carolla and his nails-on-a-blackboard guest David Allen Grier would not be surprised and probably be thankful to read this afternoon's LA Times report:

"Beginning Friday at 5 p.m., ...KLSX (97.1 Free FM) will switch formats... to CBS Radio's latest concept, titled AMP Radio.

"During the last three months of 2008, KLSX averaged a 1.3% audience share among listeners 12 and older, which placed the station at No. 27 in the market. In fact, KLSX never truly recovered in the ratings after losing its major morning lead-in, Howard Stern, to satellite radio. When Stern was still on the air in late 2005 at 97.1, the station enjoyed a 2.2 share...

"...Beginning next week, new episodes of Carolla's show will no longer broadcast in any market, although it is believed that "best of" shows may air in some territories..."

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Anonymous said...

As of Sunday, March 1, the Adam Carolla podcast had been downloaded 1.6 million times, pushing it to the number 1 spot among podcasts nationwide. The end of the radio show had nothing to do with Carolla and everything to do with the free FM format and costs that it incurred vs. top 40. So let's just keep our mouths shut, eh?

You "called it"? Three years ago? That's not calling anything - that is making a bad prediction.