Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Curse of Buena Vista Social Club claims new victim

"Who is killing off the Buena Vista Social Club?" we asked in March 2007 in wake of a spate of deaths of the Cuban musicians brought to international attention and acclaim with the 1997 album produced by Ry Cooder, the film by Wim Wenders and politically-explosive concert tours that followed.

And we ask again this morning with word that mambo king and bassist Orlando Cachaito López, a founding member considered "the heartbeat of the group" died in Havana Monday of "complications of prostate surgery."

He was 76.

Even the New York Times states this mornign that while "the band, which plays a mix of traditional Cuban rhythms, saw its renown grew as it toured internationally... it has lost many of its members."

Senor López is only the latest to fall to what must be caled The Curse of The Buena Vista Social Club. He joins:

Faustino Oramas
Born: June 4, 1911
DIED: March 27, 2007

Miguel 'Angá' Díaz
Born: June 15, 1961
DIED: August 9, 2006

Pío Leyva
Born: May 5, 1917
DIED: March 22, 2006

Ibrahim Ferrer
Born: February 20, 1927
DIED: August 6, 2005

Rubén González
Born: May 26, 1919
DIED: December 8, 2003

Compay Segundo
tres player & singer
Born: November 18, 1907
DIED: July 13, 2003

Manuel "Puntillita" Licea
Born: January 4, 1927
DIED: December 4, 2000

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