Saturday, February 07, 2009

National Enquirer boosts American Dunkleman!

American Dunkleman, the new television comedy series created by our pals at Frozen Pictures got a huge boost this week as the National Enquirer is running a prominent story, spread over two pages, that not only promotes the show starring former American Idol host Brian Dunkleman, but gets in the comedic spirit and ratchets the satirical edge one step further!

Ex-'Idol' host resorts to begging
fans to help revive his career

runs the hilarious headline, which spins off the satirical Facebook group, "American Dunkleman is the next great television comedy," that's been promoting the proposed scripted series among the industry movers and shakers who communicate on the site.

The Enquirer article also gets to the heart of the series, which is a takeoff on Dunkleman's real-life plight of making "the biggest mistake in the history of show business," while at the same time showing off the actor's great acting and comedic skills.

"The Enquirer is the best," Burt Kearns, who created the series with fellow writer-producer Brett Hudson, tells us exclusively. "As a veteran of the tabloid industry, I appreciate the humour and spin of the headline-- it'll grab the millions of readers out there in America and will help them identify with the 'Brian Dunkleman' character in the series.

"I mean, it's genius. The Enquirer writes of Dunkleman's 'agony' and desperation when it's the producers who put up the Facebook site as a stunt! They're treating the star as if he's the character, like doing a story on Larry David as if he's really the guy in Curb Your Enthusiasm! Brilliant! Hey, we may even use the article in one of the episodes!"

The full article runs below-- as you can see above, they even showed the Facebook page.

As for the rest of Hollywood... stay tuned... after the release of the promotional trailer (below) led to a tremendous publicity blitz that included raves in places like the Los Angeles Times ("Hilarious!"), the Dunkleman series, including its pilot script, is just now beginning to be shopped.

Ex-'Idol' host resorts to begging
fans to help revive his career
Brian Dunkleman

still can't live down his
'biggest mistake'
FORMER "American idol" co-host Brian Dunkleman has gone from becoming a living room fixture in millions of American homes to begging fans to help him land a new TV show.

Dunkleman was Ryan Seacrest's sidekick when "Idol" debuted in 2002, but to his lasting regret, left the mega-hit s how after the first season. Now he's desperately seeking a new gig-- in a series about himself!

The title: "American Dunkleman"!

"Let's be honest-- I didn't think 'American Idol' would be successful. Had I known, I would have stayed," he told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

After the 37-year-old entertainer announced his departure, Simon Cowell declared Dunkleman had "made the biggest mistake in the history of show business."

In his drive to return to the spotlight, Dunkleman, who's found sporadic TV work, is opening up about his personal agony on the Web site Facebook.

"I'M TRYING TO GET FANS to support a new TV comedy series called 'American Dunkleman.'

"The show is based in how every day of my life I'm reminded of the biggest mistake I've ever made-- leaving 'Idol'-- and how I can't go anywhere without being reminded of that career decision.

"I'm appealng to members of Facebook in an attempt to get one million fans to support the show before we pitch it to the networks."


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Dunkleman did a comedy standup routine at this bar I was at...it was so WEIRD!!