Sunday, February 22, 2009

Harvey Levin wants to spank Oscar

Remember the corporate porn-pushing gossip site, TMZ.com? In recent months, it's proven to be about as relevant as the late Adam Carolla radio show, despite blowing wads (of money) on acquiring a photo of the allegedly Brown-battered Rihanna and its bizarre misogynist stalking of the "Octo Mom" (a story beyond the sewer site's self-imposed "Twink Male Zone"; a departure equivalent to Entertainment Tonight's obsession with severe anorexics). And today evidence of its irrelevance is displayed as TMZ headmaster Harvey's Hollywood hatred and jealousy-- and particular kinks-- come to a head with a campaign urging readers to send in their own nasty, jealous observations while watching the Academy Awards on TV. Any qualms over showing a black handprint on a female ass while pimping Rihanna's abuse elsewhere on the site? We're told morality was not the reason for debate in the TMZ "jacuze"-room over the decision to give Oscar a sex change in the ads-- or to add covering to the statuette's' usually bare bottom. Spank The Academy? Dream on, sister.