Friday, February 27, 2009

Dr. Ruehl says ailing Ed McMahon seemed to be "in excellent health" when they worked together

Word that television icon and Jerry Lewis Telethon cohost Ed McMahon is hospitalized near death was a special shock to Tabloid Baby pal and contributor Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D., who co-starred in what could be Ed's last project.

He writes us:

"It is reported that Ed McMahon is suffering pneumonia and bone cancer, and has been hospitalized.

"I am surprised and saddened by this dire news. I worked with Ed on his 'Gangsta Rap' video a few months ago and he appeared to be in excellent health! He was energetic and cordial, shaking hands with everyone on the set, and doing retakes like a pro!

"He only asked, when we were dancing in a motel room, that we try to avoid bumping into him as he did not want another fall.

"I am seen with my repent sign and raccoon hat 38-42 secs into the Ed McMahon 'Gangsta Rap' video (above)."

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