Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update: New Beatles track comes from bootleg CD

The mysterious Revolution Take 20, the cross between The Beatles' Revolutions 1 and 9, comes from a bootleg CD called "Revolution Take... Your Knickers Off!" from Your Masters Voice. The song begins with someone saying "Revolution, take-- take your knickers off!" and goes on for more than ten minutes.

Though EMI has cleaned out YouTube, you can find a stereo version here.

(Revolution Take... Your Knickers Off is a 2-CD set. CD 1 is 61:56, two versions of Revolution, Across The Universe, three versions of Julia- including one instrumental,and 8 takes of Step Inside Love, one that includes"chat"; Disc 2 is 59:22, 21 versions of Come & Get It, 10 takes of "No Escaping Your Love". No Carnival of Light.)

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