Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"That One"?

Five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam do not automatically qualify a man to become president. In fact, in the case of cranky, reckless, old cancer-riddled John McCain, it should disqualify him, and not only because the five years of brainwashing techniques he underwent still cause him to cringe at the sound of jangling keys.

The POW experience and determination to "rewin" Vietnam came out loud and strong in last night's debate when he referred to his opponent Barack Obama as "That One," a dehumanizing label that is not only outrageous and racist but surely stems from the treatment he received at the hands of his Congcaptors.

And don't get us started on that demagogue Sarah Palin. We're happy to be be recognized as the first new organization to compare her to Lonesome Rhodes.

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Anonymous said...

Obama has direct ties to a terrorist organization determined to overthrow the US government.Wake up everyone.
Long Live USA