Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dr. Phil to focus on human trafficking

Tina Malave, Tabloid Baby pal and correspondent on the 2005 revival of A Current Affair, wants us to watch the Dr. Phil show tomorrow, Friday, October 10th.

For good reason! It features an issue and a person Tina's brought to public attention.

Tina writes:

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that this Friday the Dr. Phil Show is airing their first ever show about Human Trafficking and they feature my friend Maria Suarez, whose book I'm currently writing. They packed a lot into the show, which was incredibly insightful, but because of time, they were not able to share all the details of Maria's amazing and unbelievable story.

For those of you not familiar with her story; Maria came to America legally at the age of 15. Two weeks after arriving in California she was offered a job helping an elderly couple by a woman she met in front of her house. But instead, the woman sold her to a 67 year old pedophile known in his neighborhood as a "brujo" or witch, who practiced black magic.

For 5 years Maria was physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually tortured by this man, before he was killed by a neighbor who was being harrassed by the old man as well. The killer and his wife pinned the crime on Maria, who at that point was an emotionally broken girl who didn't understand English or the legal system. She ended up serving 22 1/2 years in prison for a crime she did not commit before the CA Board of Prison Terms finally re-investigated her case and released her.

Her story is incredible, but what's even more amazing is that Maria managed to walk out of almost 3 decades of hell with the untouched heart of an angel. While in prison she learned English, got her GED and took college courses, and she is now a counselor for abused woman as well as men who are abusers. She's truly a remarkable and inspirational woman, and I'm proud to call her a friend.

It's so important that high profile shows like Dr. Phil continue to do episodes and follow ups to bring awareness to the buying and selling of human beings that is going on, right here in America, in mind blowing numbers.

If you have the time after the show airs on Friday, please visit the Dr. Phil Show website (www.drphil.com) and tell them you want to hear more stories about this crime, how to end it, and more about Maria's story.

We appreciate your support! Please pass this on!

All the Best,

Tina Malave and Maria Suarez

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Diana Scimone said...

What an amazing and inspiring story, Tina. I look forward to seeing Maria on Dr. Phil's show and hearing more about her.

Our non-profit works to stop child trafficking around the world and around the corner. Most people have no idea it's happening not just across the globe but often, as in Maria's case, across the street.

Our focus is on awareness. We're ready to launch a global campaign called the Born to Fly Project to educate kids, parents, and teachers about the dangers of trafficking. There are millions of potential Marias around the world whom we are trying to reach with practical information that can prevent more nightmares such as what she went through.

For more information, please visit www.pawpawspals.org/notforsale.

Thanks again for sharing Maria's story with the rest of us.

Diana Scimone
PawPaw's Pals, Inc.
Twitter: @BornToFly