Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Network hypocrites could use tabloid morality

Word comes this afternoon that NBC News has paid $5,000 for an exclusive interview with Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony, that woman in Florida who's in jail on charges she murdered her daughter Cayle Anthony, who's been missing for months.

Paid for an interview?

Network news?

An NBC mouthpiece says: "NBC News does not pay for interviews. NBC News paid a nominal licensing fee for photos, which is very common in the industry."

Last month, it was reported that a "major media organization" helped pay Casey's bail the first time she was in jail. An insider said that ABC News paid more than $200,000 to the alleged child killer to license images and video for a segment on 20/20 report. ABC wouldn't confirm the amount but admitted they licensed footage from "rights holders."

Be it Britney Spears or a murderer, network news operations pay for interviews. They cloak the payments with forked tongues, but they pay... and they don't make the distinction, as would a good tabloid operation, whether a victim or criminal gets the money.

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