Monday, October 13, 2008

TMZ pitches political point by pushing porn

"I see huge opportunities in covering politics in a way that would be interesting and fun for people. People say you can't make politicians as interesting as Hollywood celebrities, because they're not as good-looking, not as well-known, not as entertaining. I totally disagree." --Harvey Levin, Playboy magazine

Remember when shaved bronzed midget Harvey Levin, frontman for the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com and its inconsequential whitewashed syndicated television sister was dishing about expanding his sewage site's scope to include Washington D.C. and politics? Well, we all woke up to the result this morning as TMZ continues its promotion of the porn flick Who's Nailin' Paylin, and we'd assume the Time Warner AOL overlords and their corporate cousins at CNN also got a whiff that Harvey and boyteam are bringing in pin money by pimping porn products (and don't tell us somebody's not getting a kickback).

It's another sign of trouble at TMZ, which we hear is experiencing corporate blowback over its subliterate and offensive ways, which to us, frankly, have gotten very boring, which is why we haven't posted much about the once-powerful bully pulp-- oh, and did we mention coprophilia? Check out this other "party" post from this morning where the thesaurus-wielding editor got to show off his kink by using the word "micturition":

It's not that TMZ hasn't expanded the boundaries. What other mainstream "family" television show allows its on-air talent to post photos like the one below that's featured on his MySpace page?

By the way, the caption is "He's had bigger!"

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