Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dancing in the Dark a highlight of Dunleavy bash

The retirement party for journalism legend and culture icon Steve Dunleavy was an affair crowded with the greatest figures in modern-day journalism, from Rupert Murdoch to The National Enquirer's Barry Levine, Jim Brady to Peter Brennan. And Murdoch, Levine and Brennan spoke tribute to the legendary Dunleavy, at the bar of the Bourbon Street Bar & Grille on West 46th Street, along with New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, a fireman, a priest, Maury Povich and Col Allan, editor of the New York Post. The entire two-floor establishment was packed with journos who'd journeyed from as far as London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Sydney to be there to pay tribute to their mate while he was still standing.

The highlight of the evening was a special video tribute including comic bits from the likes of Maury and wife Connie Chung, and greatest hits of Dunleavy's storied career. And who would have thought the finale of the video tribute was our own video tribute Dancing in The Dark, that was received with loud cheers, and later played on its own on flatscreen sets around the restaurant.

Dunleavy's dancing on the video was so graceful and athletic that more than one attendee, including Page Six editor Richard Johnson, asked whether a stunt double had been used.

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