Friday, October 03, 2008

New York Post editorial honors Steve Dunleavy

The New York Post
October 3, 2008


After a newspaper and television career spanning 55 years, including some three decades at The Post, our friend and colleague Steve Dunleavy has hung up his notebook.

Not that the hyperkinetic Dunleavy hasn't earned a rest - though a truly retired Steve is hard to imagine.

Joining The Post in 1977, he's been a reporter, an editor and a columnist.

Readers across the five boroughs came to love his no-nonsense columns - but none more so than the members of New York's uniformed services, especially its cops and firefighters.

He did more than cheer them on in print: He raised money for the families of officers killed in the line of duty. Indeed, as Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said at a packed farewell bash Wednesday night, "He was always there."

Dunleavy never talked down to his readers, nor did he lecture them.

All he ever wanted to do was tell a story. And that he did - simply, clearly and effectively.

Which is why he was always able to do what too few in this profession can: He connected with his readers.

So Steve Dunleavy's colleagues wish him a long and happy retirement.

He had a hell of a ride.

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