Monday, December 03, 2007

Heather Mills' embarrassment is spreading

Heather Mills made a serious mistake when she launched her unhinged campaign against the British tabloids while simultaneously spreading damaging allegations against billionaire Paul McCartney in the middle of their divorce battle. And now she's getting the inevitable payback. We've all had a laugh at the naughty, raunchy past of the self-styled "charity campaigner" and one-legged dancer, but the hardcore porn photos that the News of The World (aka News of The Screws) somehow got a hold of are only the latest taste of revenge and probably just the latest in an escalating cache that Macca's operatives are sitting on, ready to dole out when circumstances dictate.

Click here to see the NSFW topless version of Heather's latest embarrassment. Poor dear.

(UPDATE! Click here for latest photos!)


Anonymous said...

McCartney. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

With all his money, you'd think he would have checked into that woman's background before marrying her.

Anonymous said...

I think he was blinded by the foreground.