Sunday, December 23, 2007

Commenters on Carolla: Ace Man or Ace Hole?

Our coverage of the Adam Carolla radio fiasco has generated the expected debate but also comments on both sides of the issue that are far more eloquent than our own. And with the new Carolla fan message board already censoring or blocking certain users, Tabloid Baby has become, by default, the clearinghouse for debate on the issue:

Is the man who was given Howard Stern's
morning slot in Los Angeles

a shortsighted, petty, insecure fool
for maneuvering the ouster of his co-host,
the brilliant, relevant radio veteran

Danny Bonaduce, whose forced insertion onto the
on-air team pulled the stultifying,
mean-spirited show from failure and guided it
to the high ratings
that were cited by management
as the reason for renewal
(a period in which,
incredibly, a jealous Carolla
muzzled Bonaduce
to regain the spotlight)?


Did Carolla spare his listeners an annoying distraction, freeing himself to grumble uninterrupted through his meandering "bits" (they can't really be called "rants")

about traffic signals, grout and lazy immigrants,

while opening more airtime to "characters"

like David Alan Grier and the Deaf Frat Guy?

In any case, as we head toward 2008, a year which will surely see Carolla's final months as a radio host and Bonaduce and Jonesey's reign as LA's twin pillars of afternoon radio, we offer this point/ counterpoint sampling of Tabloid Baby readers' opinions, taken from our comments section:


Any fan reading this should at least admit that Adam works, with the benefit of an inflated paycheck, BECAUSE OF JIMMY KIMMEL. It's who you know. We can agree to disagree on whether this clown is a misogynist or not.

When I DO listen, I hear the whining self-indulgent, smug, self-entitled, better-than-you ramblings of one very, very lucky guy. Forget those humble beginnings or something? Yeah, figured as much. Ironically, the 5 or so times I tried to listen to Howard's replacement I punched the button mid-rant... before the commercial break.

This jerk's reasoning (bug management to get rid of the person who made the ratings go UP) reminds me of Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin. Both, who were able to keep the comedy going and deal with their differences and incompatibility as best as possible.

In this day and age of downsizing, a mediocre Adam Carolla-type should never be encouraged to spit out tantrums and ultimatums. His ratings (pre-Danny) simply don't warrant it. He just isn't a unique voice or gifted broadcaster. His friends in high places ARE special -- and lucky for this hammer-pounder he's in an air-conditioned studio and not out working some construction project, where verbally gifted A.D.D. dropouts usually end up.

But yeah. Definitely get rid of the guy who made the abysmal ratings go up. Screw Adam's agent; he should send a bonus check straight to Bonaduce... someone who may be frustrating and impossible but at least he's vulnerable... for the benefit of our entertainment.

"Adam spent 12 years doing a show largely dedicated to helping women with issues of sexuality and health in a non-judgemental atmosphere."

Spare us. This show was created and launched by someone else. Filling in on the co-host seat was not difficult.

Let this egotistical buffoon land in the morning show graveyard, the sooner the better.


The person writing this column is a loser's loser!!!!!!! Get a life deadbeat.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ace must run the message board too. No dissenters allowed. What a baby. (Mr. Carolla, does this make you insecure or is it okay with you, sir??)

Anonymous said...

Danny is about as "brilliant and relevant" as a boat horn. You really think he got the better of Adam by getting one hour per day, from 2 to 3 p.m., in a time slot so critical to the station's success that it's been airing replays of another show for the past few years? Really? Is this what you are asserting? ... Sounds to me like someone didn't take any critical thinking skills at his community college.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question with logic. Danny could possibly sue, since he had a guarantee of full employment when he turned down the prestigious afternoon job at Emmis in Chicago.

That's why I wonder if anyone really knows what CBS has in store. If he's out the door, he turned down primo work in Market #3based on his full-time status at KLSX.

If they love Adam, that's great. I think w/o Jimmy Kimmel, we'd see a an entirely different situation. And what TV or radio show gets 2 YEARS to find its niche?

I don't think sheer talent is keeping Adam there -- and it clearly isn't ratings either. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how is it that the obvious has been overlooked? Both of these guys are complete morons and an absolute waste of radio space. This is not an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought your "POINT" was "you're all a bunch of gays!" That's what your last entry said.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that they/he or she at Tabloidbaby can make a qualitative judgement about a radio show that they/he or she admits to not even listening to.

"the 5 or so times I tried to listen to Howard's replacement I punched the button mid-rant... before the commercial break."

I suppose Danny Bonaduce is relevant if one wishes to discuss pubic hair or how many times and ways he screws his young misguided girlfriend. Why listen to the guests being interviewed when one can hear another story about Danny Bonaduce's penis.

"And with the new Carolla fan message board already censoring or blocking certain users, Tabloid Baby has become, by default, the clearinghouse for debate on the issue:"

I'm sure the new Carolla fan message board blocks all spammers.

Anonymous said...

^ That's exactly the point. Anyone who doesn't kiss this guy's *ss is deleted as spam. Sort of like how Danny's time got cut back when Ace felt insecure and overshadowed.

No one gets 2 YEARS to launch a show. The ratings went up with Bonaduce. If you were on the sales staff, you might be PISSED at TACS for getting rid of the guy who finally made the ratings go up.

Adam Carolla paints his own portrait. He's a very sad little man and insecure to the hilt.

Rowebot said...

What was censored on the new Fan board? Because last time I checked the Mahalo board lets 99.9% of stupid crap go through. The original board was a different story though...

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to Tabloid Baby's "anonymous" comments on his own posts...