Friday, December 28, 2007

TV newsgal tries too hard to nip attention

What are they thinking at Good Day LA, the Fox 11 morning news show in Los Angeles? Do they have monitors in the control room? Are there mirrors in the dressing room? For at least the first half hour of this morning's broadcast, they're allowing Elizabeth Espinosa, the gal filling in for Jillian Barberie, to keep her blouse on.

That blouse.

We realize that vacationing Jillian is among TVs raunchiest, sauciest weathergals, and that hers is a hard blouse to fill-- but sequinned nipples?

Sheesh. It's enough to turn Steve Edwards' hair back to black.


FTV Live said...

LA Anchor let's her nipples do the talking....

Anonymous said...

show me more!
I like her!

Anonymous said...

she's cute

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