Monday, December 03, 2007

UNCENSORED! Heather Mills' full-frontal porn

The photos are from a turn-of-the-Nineties jam mag, obviously before the accident that claimed part of Heather Mills' left leg. The complete caption reads, "I'm gonna drive you crazy with my body," and the spread, which can offer no claim to educational significance, puts the lie to her protests that the British tabloids defamed her by alleging she had a "hardcore past." Realizing that she's a handicapped and possibly off-balance woman whose dreams and schemes were hurled into disarray by the power of the media and her beloved, billionaire media-manipulating estranged husband, and that the wurst is probably yet to come, we can't help but feel a little sorry for the girl.

Anyway, to see the uncensored wild honey pie, we lead you to the NSFW misguided Tabloid Baby tribute site: Click here to see Heather in her uncensored glory days. And don't consider it porn. Look at it as NSFW Beatles history.

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Anonymous said...

where are pictures of Btittany Spears?