Sunday, February 05, 2006

Was Prince lip-synching on SNL?

Prince did indeed rock with his "Fury" song on Saturday Night Live last night. But it seemed pretty obvious that though he was playing a live electric guitar, he was lip-synching the vocals.

Will anyone make an issue of this? Ashlee Simpsons are easy targets, but the Eminems and elder statesmen get a pass.

Watch it here. See if you can tell.


Anonymous said...


purple reign said...

good catch.

obvious when he steps away from mic.

Jobert said...

Prince? The Elder Statesman?

Dang. I'm getting old. I checked but it doesn't seem so. I'll go check it again later.

I'll add a post there to link to yours...

Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

It's not obvious at all. I don't think he's lip synvhing.

Anonymous said...

Prince is after all a Royal.

Let's leave him alone.

He performed beautifully on SNL.

Why does the media always pick on the Royal Family - they have issues - poor Fergie and all.