Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Exclusive! Disneyland to meet PIXARLAND?

Will Disney's California Adventure park morph into PIXARLAND?

Highly-placed sources in Northern California tell us there are talks going on right now to do just that-- close California Adventure and turn it into Pixarland.

Disney acquired the Pixar animation company last month. California Adventure's latest attraction is the Disney-Pixar Monsters Inc. ride. That could be the harbinger.

One Disney stockholder tells Tabloid Baby: "DCA should stand for 'Dismal Commercial Accident.' The park has been a failure since Day One. It's too off-the-shelf and lacks in anything that makes it uniquely Disney. But turning it into Pixarland-- and I hope it works out-- will reinvent the theme park. It can be a Disneyland for the new millennium."

See Hollywood Thoughts for the story of California Adventure's flop.

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