Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Darden defends accused slasher-killer

Christopher Darden entered tabloid history in 1994 when the LA District Attorney’s office added him as the African American member of the team prosecuting OJ Simpson for slashing his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman to death. Darden is best remembered for being rattled by Johnnie Cochran, blindsided by Mark Fuhrman’s recorded racism-- and losing.

After cashing in with a book or two, it looks like Chris Darden is now “batting for the other team,” as they say, in a chilling coincidence:

Los Angeles Times
Mistake Frees Slaying Suspect
A man suspected of slashing a painting contractor to death in Beverly Hills was mistakenly released from jail Saturday but rearrested Tuesday morning… Nathan Hall, 50, was scheduled to appear with his defense attorney, Christopher Darden, Tuesday morning at Los Angeles County Superior Court to answer charges in the case. He is suspected of killing Jurgen Hapke, 65, and attacking Hapke's partner…

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