Friday, February 10, 2006

Conspiracy theories

Thanks to Brownie for confirming the New York Times' report that the Bush team lied about when and what it knew about the New Orleans levee breaks. They've just opened the door wide for Spike Lee's and Louis Farrakhan's conspiracy theories that the government blew up the levees. Hey, they've almost got us believing it.

And speaking of conspiracies, ABC News' new anchor announces she's pregnant and her boss says it's good news? Hmmm. First they lose Jennings, then their new female anchor's husband gets shot in the head, then her co-host gets his brains rattled in Iraq, then they're calling in the sexagenarians for support and now the last piece of their future puzzle is going to be off on maternity leave. What is it with these women who sign the contracts of their lives, for the most coveted jobs in the world, and then immediately get knocked up? I think it was Valerie Harper who started the trend, but Jeez, Liz, come on, you couldn't have waited a couple of ratings books?


Anonymous said...

That comment could only come from a man. I think in today's world women can chew gum and be pregnant at the same time.

Let them be pregnant - are you saying there's an anchorette shortage?

gawker.com said...

"World News Tonight anchor Elizabeth Vargas announces she’s pregnant and will deliver in late summer — this ensuring that by the eight-month mark of ABC’s latest dual-anchor experiment, neither of the two anchors will be on air."