Sunday, February 19, 2006

If You Talk Too Much, My Head Will Explode!

Every once in awhile something jumps off the car radio. This time it’s “If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode).”

Heard it more than once on KROQ here in LA. A woman sings the title in low-fi a couple of times, birdies tweet, and then the band kicks in. Yeah. We looked it up and found the group is called People In Planes. From Cardiff, Wales. Of course, the title provides the catchy hook, but the song sticks. Heard more of them. They’re good. And not manufactured like the Arctic Monkeys, we don’t think.

We looked a little more and found the album drops on March 28.

Looked a little further and found that Joaquin Phoenix directed the music video.

Small world. Joaquin Phoenix is featured in a very sad scene in Tabloid Baby. (Coincidentally, he showed up at the Tabloid Baby west coast book release party at the Bel Age Hotel's Diaghalev Bar in November 1999. The east coast launch party took place a week later at Elaine’s in Manhattan. Michael Caine wandered into that one.)

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