Saturday, February 11, 2006

McDermott Mystery: Newton-John responds

Where in the world is Patrick McDermott? Olivia Newton-John’s spin machine has addressed Tabloid Baby’s questions about her behaviour regarding the disappearance of her “boyfriend” Patrick McDermott last summer.

In a blitz of long-distance interviews with Australian news media yesterday, Newton-John refused to go into details about the case, but astonishingly used the mystery to promote her new album and concert tour!

McDermott’s disappearance is being used as a selling point, as the Newton-John team plays up the irony of the album’s title and her bravery in going onstage at such a trying time.

In the interviews, however, “she was reluctant to discuss any details about McDermott or speculation she has found love with with wealthy American Michael Klein,” the Sydney Daily Telegraph reports.

Newton-John “will use her upcoming Sydney shows as a form of therapy for dealing with the disappearance of her boyfriend last year,” the paper says, in an article headlined “Liv’s show of strength.”

The Brisbane Courier-Mail, Seven News and Contactmusic.com are among the other outlets spreading the Newton-John spin.

"I didn't think I was going to be singing again, that was how I felt," Newton-John told the Courier-Mail (though her concert plans were underway in the seven weeks she was quiet about McDermoptt’s disappearance). "But I found that performing the songs and singing for people helped me as well."

Newton-John also points out that the title of her new album, Stronger Than Before, “is kind of ironic." She says, "The weird thing was that this album was before all that happened so now it is almost like I have made it for myself." She's dedicated the album to people who have been touched by cancer, marking 13 years since she suffered from breast cancer.

The questions remain: Where is Patrick McDermott, and what does Olivia Newton-John know about his disappearance?


Anonymous said...

Ditto, Tabloidbaby.....why was this story just dropped???? Keep us posted as to anything you find out!
Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Oh please ! You people must be very bored...reading non-exsistant intrigue into what is a very sad and difficult situation. Ms Newton-John doesn't owe ANYONE an explanation for trying to move forward with her life after such a tragedy. She is just a person like the rest of us, and she is trying to pick up the pieces. What you have written here is completely inappropriate and based on nothing but your own boredom. Why don't you find something of value to do with your lives.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Newton-John is not to upset over the mystery of her missing "boyfriend" looks like she all ready has a new man. She keeps her mouth shut for months, then goes on tv sobbing over Patrick, and making sure to plug her new CD, and now she has a new love. How lame!

Anonymous said...

I think it's really lame to believe everything you read. They are just rumors and speculation. Olivia has denied any romantic involvement with this man. He is just a friend of hers. It was just the tabloids making something out of nothing.

As for the rest of it - it is just Tabloid Baby's wild imagination at work.

Anonymous said...

Kris, if you are so against what Tabloid Baby is writing, why do you keep coming back here?

Do you really believe that anyone wants to hear your opinion on every Olivia Newton-John story on this site. Why don't you do us all a favor, and get lost?

Anonymous said...


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Did any of you morons stop to think that maybe by discussing Kate's situation here you may be causing her worse problems? Ever stop to think that people who are causing her problem could be reading this board? Since she is not posting at OO either, you don't have to worry that she has abandoned us for them. She has not. There are circumstances that are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, so back off.

Ever stop to think that everything said here gets twisted and posted on TB also and maybe it might be a good idea to not subject Kate to something like that?

Seems Mr.Damato is getting a little pissed at his members. Once again he blames everyone else for the problems he created. Wasn't he the one that invited Kate to live with him ?